Boost Your Marketing Investment Return


Repeat sale


Reducing of the customers acquisition cost


Life-time value (LTV)

The performance indicators are based on results of existing projects

Marketing communications and online advertising based on AI technologies and data

1DMP helps marketers to fully automate all marketing communications using all available data sources (websites, CRM, mobile apps, transactional systems, 3rd party data, etc.) to build the most personalized communications at all stages of customer journey.

Improved personalization & relevancy

A full automation of segmentation in terms of users, products, time, channel, price, content, customer journey and consumer behavior.
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Multi-channel communications synchronicity

Synchronise messaging and marketing activities across all channels and devices according to unified communication strategy.
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Boost advertising performance & efficiency

1st party data based retargeting and Look-alike. Highly targeted digital advertising based on your audience data.
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AI-based full-automated marketing

Use deep machine learning technologies for defining customer interests, relevant products, time and channel for communication in full automated real-time mode.
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Audience insights & single customer view

A deep understanding of your audience based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data. 360 degree audience intelligence and single customer view.
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Strengthen your analytics capabilities

A clear picture of channels effectiveness and ROI. Customer сhurn prediction and Live-Time-Value (LTV) forecasting.
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Data Monetization

The majority of today’s businesses are collecting high-volumes of rich-data sets, but don’t have the mean to easy and securely monetise this data.1DMP ensures that businesses can monetize or purchase data in a completely secure and safe way, in-line with the latest data protection law’s and regulations.
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1DMP Features

Data ownership

1st, 2nd, 3rd-party, online&offline, mobile&desktop, CRM. User’s ID matching and online data collecting by 1DMP Tag manager. Behavioral, geographic and profile data – from every digital touch point in one platform.

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Data processing

Real-time data unification, audience profile and segments building, applying Machine Learning and predictive analytics for campaigns optimization and channel orchestration.

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Data onboarding & monetization

Connectivity with all key marketing and advertising platforms (Google Double Click, MyTarget, AppNexus, Weborama, Hybrid and 10+ DSPs) to make data benifit in secure and safety way.

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3D Profiling & Customer Journey

Forming a single user profile and single Customer Journey across all channels and devices to gain a detailed understanding of each user. Building a «typical» profile of consumers allows you to learn more about who your customers and target are.

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Segmentation and Look-a-Like modeling

Audience segmentation by events, profiles, steps of Customer Journey in order to create predictive models and Look-a-like models. Centralized segments management across all channels and marketing platforms.

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Campaign response data and reporting

After-campaign data consolidation of all advertising channels and devices on a single interface. Obtaining campaigns data including impressions, clicks, conversions, targeted actions, responses and purchases.

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Unique 3rd party data & Marketing communication channels

Marketplace platform that unites data providers and data consumers to exchange depersonalized knowledge about their audience. The largest independent platform - data operator on Eastern Europe segment of the Internet and does not have direct substitutes on the market.

20+  Data providers
9000+  Data sources
3000+  Profile’s attributes
90M  Daily audience

Single point of integration with external data providers

Legal and secure access to external data of your audience

All key advertising platforms and marketing channels are connected to use 3rd party data

More about the 1DMC Data Exchange

AdTech & Martech ecosystem access

Use your 1st party & 3rd party data to launch advertising campaigns in all major online advertising systems, DSPs and marketing tools.
CleverDATA is one of the 8 global partners of Google DoubleClick in the "Data Management" category.

DBM_Google Yandex Mytarget Weborama Auditirius Hybrid Adspend Exibit DCA Adriver Getintent Mediasniper Vengo Advark Appnexus Vihub

1DMP Key advantages

100% data security and audience safety


or Dedicated
cloud deployment

Predictive models of data processing for best customer relations, churn management, cross-sales, micro-segmentation and client profile 360° creation

Artificial Intelligence

and Machine Learning technologies

Micro-services architecture, well-documented APIs and single-tenant deployment

Highly Customizable

or Out-of-the box solution with complete functionality

About us

1DMP is in-house development of the company CleverDATA (CleverLEAF). The company is an expert in the field of technologies of processing and analysis of large amounts of information. CleverDATA specializes on the building of failsafe and scalable platforms for managing and processing large amounts of data in real time and creating highly loaded systems for the purpose of finance, retail, e-commerce, telecom and AdTech industries. The CleverDATA company also develops the competence in the field of Data Mining including predictive analytics and deep machine learning.

Our cases

European eCommerce project

Retargeting campaigns response increase
+20 %
for Conversion Rate
Audience segmentation in order of visiting product pages, product categories and performing of target actions (add to the cart/ purchasing /favorites). Performing of retargeting campaigns for these micro-segments with relevant product item and personalized offer.
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International car

Optimization of marketing communication strategy
+36 %
Increase of test-drive requests
Micro-segmentation of own customer base with personalized and consistent communications. The collection of advertising campaigns and communications data (online advertising clicks, emails opening, repeated sites visits, offline sales points visits) allowed to form the customer journey of every customer and identify audience segments of each stage to use in advertising platforms and marketing communications tools (email/sms).
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Leading world 

New customers
+27 %
Increase of the advertising coverage
The increase of the advertising campaign coverage for the new audience based on 2nd and 3rd party data. Analytical models building based on internal data of the consumer behavior for look-alike campaigns setting focused on the high-margin segment of customers, the most similar to the target audience of the Bank.
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Global mobile
network operator

Increase of communication response
+23 %
for Response Rate with the same budget
The Increase of response to the communication with its own audience by determining the optimal communication channels and time, advertising offers and exact discount amount based on consumer behavior. Segmentation of the most responsive to communication audience in accordance with the relevant product offering.
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