Increase the effectiveness of digital marketing channels based on the audience data analysis with 1DMP

1DMP (Data Marketing Platform) helps marketers and agencies to collect, manage, analyze, and monetize their data, make data work for business results. Learn more about your audience and monetize the customer’s data by delivering more personal and relevant ads content.

  • Collect, unify, and process data

  • Collaborate and enrich your data with data-partners

  • Apply advanced segmentation

  • Run cutting-edge Omni-channel marketing

  • Build predictive analyses modules

  • Get unique 3rd party data marketplace

Single customer view

Increase understanding of the target audience and their behaviour

Omni-channel retargeting

Optimize of the customer journey in a multi-channel environment

Look-alike audiences

Improve the efficiency of targeting by finding audiences that share attributes with your own customers.
Build recommendation systems for your own audiences

Real-time interaction

Improve the effectiveness of communication by reacting to real-time marketing signals

Process efficiency improvement

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Up Cross-sells in


Increase of
GINI index for

The performance indicators are based on results of existing projects

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Use all the power of your data

Use the power of your audience data providing of 100% audience privacy and business-sensitive data safety

What internal data will make use?

  • Web logs and search queries history

  • On-line services data

  • Geolocations and relocation data

  • Mobile apps usage statistics

  • Credit history and debt collection agencies data

  • Purchases via the Internet history, message boards and forums data

  • Loyalty programs

  • Payment service provider's data

  • Open statistics

  • and many other types..

1DMP capabilities

Collecting “online” and “offline” data

Tracking and collecting detailed data about user behavior on websites, mobile applications, as well as loading data from CRM and transactional systems.

3D Profiling and Customer Journey

Forming a single user profile and single Customer Journey across all channels and devices to gain a detailed understanding of each user. Building a «typical» profile of consumers allows you to learn more about who your customers and target are.

Data Enrichment by 3rd party data from Data Marketplace

Using data from external suppliers to gain a deeper understanding of users behavior on the Internet. Select from over 2000 data attributes including social-demographic, job, education, financial information, interests, intention to travel/purchase, geography.

Segmentation and Look-a-Like modeling

Segmenting audience by events, profiles, steps of customer journey in order to create predictive models and Look-a-like models.

Centralized segments management

Automatically managing segments across all channels and marketing platforms. Synchronization and Reporting.

Collecting campaign response data

Consolidation campaign data for all channels and devices on a single interface. Obtaining campaign data including impressions, clicks, conversions, targeted actions, responses and purchases.

Shared learning (Distributed collaboration network)

Apply data from select private party data partners to your own models using our unique 100% data safety scheme.

Centralising reporting and KPI

Flexible reporting allowing you view the results of all campaign and channels activity on a single user interface.

Key benefits

100% data security
and audience safety

On premise/dedicated cloud deployment or SaaS format are provided. We ensure full privacy of your user data and any business-sensitive data. Run your DMP anywhere, keep all data on your premise and be compliant with any regulations. Full privacy of your user data and any business-sensitive data (Transaction/CRM/DWH) – so you can use it in your data models.

Distributed collaboration network (Shared learning)

This allows us to work with companies with large volumes of sensitive data (e.g. Telco,Banks, Payment networks) and can connect it into our data collaboration network via our Data Exchange. We provide you with the opportunity to run your data models on the premises with data-partners in order to identify marketing signals and use it within your client acquisition strategy.

Data Marketplace

We are providing ability to engage unique data providers via offering transparent and clear data distribution framework. Use 3rd data from a unique set of external data suppliers via our audience marketplace.

Omni-channels and Ad Network agnostic

1DMP allows you to connect all communication channels as owned (website, mobile app, email, text messages) and as paid (media, social, partners, so on) and manage them centrally over in a single acquisition strategy with transparent reporting.

Numbers of Data Marketplace suppliers


and over 2000 data attributes

100% data security and audience safety

on premise

or Dedicated cloud deployment

Number of connected DSP- Platforms


and other marketing channels and services

Platform components

1DMP. Audience Manager

Segmentation and analysis of its audience and segment management

1DMP. Tag Manager

Collecting tracking data and tracking own digital channels

1DMP. Campaign manager

Management of all campaigns in one place

1DMP. DataModel Manager

Workplace for data scientist and data analytics

1DMP. Web Crawler

Collection of web data, analysis of sites and content

1DMC. Data Monetization Cloud

Single point of access to providers of classroom data, marketing channels and customer data for analytics